Google Pixel 3: Something beyond best by the brand

Smartphones are the prime necessity of each and everyone’s life today. More precisely saying, gadgets have become friends to people nowadays. We already know all big brands have arrived in this arena of manufacturing smartphones long back and this is delivering them worthy business.

Google Pixel is the franchise of Pixel smartphones from Google. And, Google has marketed this series with “phone by Google”. In no time, Google Pixel has acquired a place among the best smartphones. At the moment, there are two phones in this series that are Google Pixel, and Google Pixel 2. This premium series of smartphones by Google is very interesting and reliable. However, it can’t beat the best smartphones such as OnePlus 5, iPhone X and Galaxy S8? Well, Google pixel has to go wilder to attract the customers. Yes, Google Pixel 3 is coming!

Google Pixel is one of the best smartphone released by Google last year in October. Earlier, it was working on Nexus series, but it halted this series in 2016 and surprised everyone by the release of amazing and best smartphone of the year. To be precise, best smartphone by the Google. The brand confirmed the second generation in March only this year. Second generation Google Pixel 2 has been released in the Month of October 2017 and doing pretty well. Pixel 2 is competing with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 or with LG V30 as well which is about to release in the market.

Google Pixel 3


Google Pixel was the greatest smartphone by the giant and had the best camera in the market. Google Pixel still proves itself the best smartphone and the price is lowered by the brand recently. But still, lacks amazing features such as water-resistant, curved display was missing. Pixel first-generation smartphone had the higher price as well and it had a non-removable battery. So, Mountain View Company is trying to overcome all these negative features of Google Pixel and will launch a much better flagship Google Pixel 2 whose release date is very close.

If the brand will cover all of these features in its second generation of Pixel, then the question arises here what other new features can be included in the third generation of Pixel i.e. Pixel 3. This third generation smartphone would be updated version of the second generation which will be an updated version of the first generation. Apple’s new iPhone is arriving in few days which is iPhone 8. It will give direct war to Pixel 2.

We heard at the beginning of the year 2017 that we will have three phones coming from this Mountain View Company. Later, we heard that it canceled the third flagship, resulting, two smartphones are coming as the second generation of Pixel. Again, we can expect this with the third model of the Pixel series. Three smartphones would be coming. We will update as we hear more information about it.

It was said that Google didn’t take help of any brands to manufacture its first Pixel, but later we came to know that HTC was involved somewhere. Again, HTC and LG are included in the manufacturing process of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. HTC is responsible for a smaller version, on the other hand, the job of manufacturing bigger version is handed over to LG. Google next Pixel smartphone manufacturing can be done by these brands as well if everything goes well and Google can take this process in-house as well.

There is news that LG will be responsible for the manufacture of 2018 Pixel smartphone. The one more news is also there that LG had already started the manufacturing work for OLED displays for next Pixel and Pixel 3 XL. So, this third generation flagship will also come with OLED displays. These all are rumors, no actual confirmation is there from the brand yet. We can expect something from Google after the release of Pixel 2 or on the day of the event – October 4.

Next Pixel smartphone will also appear in the larger version as well which will be called Google Pixel 3 XL. Difference between the junior and larger can be in terms of screen size and price. We can say that all other specifications and features of junior and XL version will be same. One more change can be an internal memory as well. Other specs like RAM, display resolution, Operating system, and processor.

Pixel 3 Conceptual Design:

Generally, what is the meaning of design, it means what will be the framework of a smartphone, or simply you can say structure or body of the smartphone. The best-designed smartphone is considered that is lightest in weight and has beautiful and attractive and sleekest design. There are already many smartphones to be precise each and every smartphone has sleeker and best look with respect to design. We can say Google will work on all these features and it is proved by the design of Google Pixel series so far.

Pixel 3 Hardware:

There are different processors existing in the market. Qualcomm brand is working on the upcoming processor: Snapdragon 845 that will deliver a performance of the smartphones beyond your conceptions. Recently, mobile phones that are upcoming android phones will be running Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. So, we can say that next year all the flagships will be running new processor i.e. Snapdragon 845. But, point to be noted here is that Samsung Galaxy S9 would be the first smartphone to get this processor in 2018. Probably, Pixel 3 will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 as well.

I want to raise a question here: Apple and Samsung are the biggest brands in the world of smartphones and they raise the heat. Apple is manufacturing its own processor Apple A series and Samsung is going to start this in its upcoming flagship Galaxy S9, probably. It will have its own processor in this smartphone. Whether Google will come into the same line of manufacturing its own processor or not or it will continue with Snapdragon processors?


The software is the heart of any smartphone and it’s the base of performance as well. Two types of the operating system exist in the market: Android and iOS. Android as the name suggests that it is for Android smartphones and another one is for iPhones only, Apple’s own operating system. As we all know that Google is the owner of Android and it releases the new version of the Android operating system every year which is a plus point for its Pixel series. As every new Pixel phone will have the latest Android resulting in favorable fact for them. Here, we meant to say that Google 3rd Pixel would be running new Android that could be named as Android 9 as Android 8.0 Oreo is recently launched by the brand which will be featured by Google Pixel 2.


This brand proved itself the preeminent by adding the great camera in the pixel. The picture quality and pixels in the images were clear and if we are taking pictures by zoom function then also it ended up with the clear picture. The camera configuration can be 20 MP rear one and 12 MP front one. Front camera of 12 MP is good news for selfie lovers. As per the rumors, Pixel 2 is not coming up with dual camera facility, so we can say that Pixel 3 would be the one to have this technology for sure. Dual camera means it will provide clearer picture quality and the zooming feature will be enhanced. In my opinion, including dual camera facility is not the better option, and it’s just increasing the cost of a smartphone.

In June, OnePlus 5 was launched with dual camera, which didn’t prove itself a good option for dual camera facility. The upcoming smartphones of different brands are expected to work with a Dual camera which will surely improve quality of the pic that users will be taking.

Pixel 3 Extra-ordinary features:

  • Dual camera
  • New processor
  • New Android
  • Better Battery
  • Frameless Display
  • Dual Display

When is the launch of Pixel 3?

Each and every brand has opted for a month in the year to release its upcoming and biggest flagship of the year. The same way Google chose October month for its Pixel series. Analyzing this fact, we can say Pixel 3 release date again can be October 2018. The smartphones launch date is before the actual release of smartphones. They come in the market generally after few days of the launch. Google Pixel 2 launch date is coming closer day by day, which is 4th October exactly as Pixel. The brand had already sent an invitation to the event. Following this old tradition, Pixel 3 release date can be 4th October next year as well.

First, Pixel smartphone was introduced in the month of October 2016, and followed by that Google Pixel 2 made to the world in October 2017. So, you won’t be wrong if you’re betting on the release date of 3rd generation Google to be October 2018.

  • Google Pixel release date – October 2016
  • Google Pixel 2 release date – October 2017
  • Google Pixel 3 release date – October 2018

What will be the Pixel 3 Price?

The smartphones with absolute fantastic and non-assumable features would definitely cost high. In the past few days, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is released and that cost $ 930. Even iPhone price will increase. The interest of audience shows that they don’t care about the price, they just care about the features of the smartphones.

Google Pixel 2 price is approaching on the internet, the basic version for junior will cost $649 for 64 GB and 128 GB will cost $749. XL version has the slightly high price – $849 for 64 GB and $949 for 128 GB. Judging this price, we can say that Pixel and Pixel 2 have the same price as a basic version of internal memory. Pixel 3 can have the little high price and XL version will definitely have a price more than $ 1000.

Pixel 3 can cross $ 1000 bar because expecting high-quality specs at the low price is not possible. But the model with low internal memory can cost up to $699. There are rumors of the price of Apple iPhone 8 that can be the first smartphone to cross $ 1000 price bar. But it didn’t cross the bar, as it is launched in the market on 12 September. Its highest price is $1000 which is good news for the users. Judging this, we can say that many of the upcoming smartphones can have this price or more.

Apple iPhone 9 will come next year in 2018, somewhere around September and before the actual launch of Pixel 3. Note 9 from Samsung will come little early than both of these smartphones. First Pixel was somewhere a copy of iPhone models. We hope that the brand will not repeat the same with its future models of Pixel series. Every smartphone has to fight with other brands biggest release every year which raises the heat. Brands lower the price of their smartphones just to be ahead of other smartphones of top brands, which can be a positive point for the users. As we came to know that Samsung lowered the price of Galaxy S8 just before the release of Apple iPhone 8 which can definitely affect the sales.

Feb 2018, Google has released an update for the Pixel 2, which has enhanced the camera capabilities. Looks like, the visual core is enabled, and results are outstanding. Hope, Google will reveal the next pixel along with better visual core, and default enabled.

Pixel 3 competition would not be that easy, it has to include something new features and specs so that it can survive in the market and have the capability to beat its opposition. We are sure that the company has something surprising for its audience to include in Google Pixel 3. The level of competition is growing day by day, year by year, I am wondering what new features can be included in the smartphones so that they can amaze the audience and can shock other brands existing in the market.

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