Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3: Curved or Frameless display

Second generation Pixel release date is nearby, rumors are still in the market about the design, specs and other features of Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Few features of Pixel 2 are confirmed by few leaks. New things are added already like new Google home page, Pixel Portrait Mode, Automatic song detection etc.

Google Pixel 3

Whenever new flagship comes in the market, it is said to be updated version of the last flagship and which includes almost all of the features of its predecessor. Google Pixel 3 will be successor of Google Pixel 2. There was news that Pixel 2 is coming with curved display but it seems the brand had dropped the plan as if now and Pixel 3 can is expected to include curved display.

There are many smartphones existing in the market with curved display. Google Pixel 2 is missing this feature. In my opinion, Mountain View Company should have embrace this in the second generation but they avoided it. Reason behind this is undisclosed, only engineers can explain why they didn’t use curved display for Pixel 2.

As Google Pixel 2 is missing this feature, it is expected that Google Pixel 3 will definitely have curved display. If we talk about frameless, it is difficult to say whether Pixel 3 will comprise this feature as well along with curved display.

Rumors are already started about this third generation of Pixel, This was all about the display of Google Pixel 3.

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