Google Pixel 3

Will Google Pixel 3 get headphone jack as Pixel?

We have ample of smartphones in the market on Android and few on iOS as well. There are many brands in this field, they are countless even, as new brands are entering this business as well. Of course, they will, as this field is the most profitable ones, as customers are growing day by day so does the market.

Google Pixel 3

Brands are releasing new gadgets and working on the features which can’t be assumed by a common man. So, here we are going to talk about upcoming sensation of the year 2018: Google Pixel 3. Pixel 2 is still not released but bloggers and sources already started discussing the facts of Pixel 3.

As we all know that Google Pixel 2 will not have 3.5 mm headphone jack, which was confirmed by the Google itself few days back. Its release date is 4th October 2017. The question here is that whether this headphone jack will be included in Google Pixel 3 which is going to be the third generation model of Pixel series which will definitely come in 2018.

If company will include this feature, then they have to drop the most important feature which is water-resistant. So, Pixel fans can have either of two features in the Google Pixel 3 model.

Google Pixel 3 can have other specs as Snapdragon 84X, Android 9, 6 GB of RAM, internal memory capacity will be increased compared to other two predecessors, 20 MP camera.

Stay tuned for update on this topic!

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